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Hi, I’m Lydia!

I am a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with a special passion for women’s hormonal health and fertility. My mission is to empower and support women through the unique challenges they may encounter on their journey, whether it’s addressing menstrual cycle issues, navigating fertility challenges, finding balance during perimenopause and menopause, or addressing concerns related to vaginal health.

With a blend of natural remedies and evidence-based practices, I am here to guide you towards holistic well-being. Together, we can unlock the incredible potential of your body and achieve harmony in your health. 


I very much feel I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. The difference you made to both my physical and mental health was huge and I’m sure the changes I implemented as a result of your advice contributed to our beautiful wee man



I was talking with a friend of mine who had recently been to see Lydia and spoke very highly of the experience and of the health benefits that she was experiencing as a result of the consultation. I felt that I was approaching menopause and wanted to make some lifestyle changes.
Lydia addressed all of my health concerns during the initial consultation, she provided me with guidance to make lifestyle and dietary changes, which ultimately has impacted hugely on my sense of well-being and general health.
I have been so happy with the outcome that I made an appointment with Lydia to see my 16 year old daughter, who was having on going health problems related to Glandular Fever, which she had been diagnosed with some 13 months prior. I was very impressed with how Lydia related to my daughter and the advice that she had given her.


When I first saw Lydia I was a bit of a mess. I was anxious and my moods were all over the place. Lydia first helped me get on top of my diet and that made a world of difference, and then through the right herbal treatments and nutrients, I began feeling even better. Lydia helped me see my health and wellbeing in a completely different light and I have never looked back. Thanks to the exposure she gave me, natural health is now an absolute passion of mine. Lydia’s warm approach and kind nature assured me that she genuinely cared about me as a patient and as a person. I even recommended her to a friend who has also had a fantastic turn around in her health due to the treatment she has received.



I was recommended to Lydia by a friend wh she had helped to have her baby. I had experienced 3 early miscarriages and was told to keep trying but no one could tell me why.

Lydia was the first person to take a comprehensive look at my history and results and offer some potential reasons for my losses. After working with Lydia we have managed to give birth to our beautiful baby girl. We are so grateful for her knowledge and guidance.