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Appointments are available from the Mother-Well Holistic Health clinic in Mt Eden, Auckland or virtually via Zoom or phone.

Clinic Address

820 Mt Eden Road
Mt Eden, Auckland 1024



(09) 630 0067
Reception Hours:
Monday – Thursday – 9am – 5pm
Friday – 9am – 4pm


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens on your first visit to a naturopath?

Once you have booked your appointment, you will be sent a form to complete. I also ask you to send me a copy of any blood tests you have had over the last couple of years. During our appointment, I will ask a lot of questions about your current and past health history, family health history, and also current diet and lifestyle factors. A big part of this appointment is education and explaining what I think is going on and then the plan I have made to bring your health back into balance. I usually have some dietary recommendations and may prescribe herbal remedies and/or supplements. I may also recommend further testing.

You will be given access to my online platform to access your treatment plan and any other resources I have recommended. 


2. How much does it cost for an appointment?

All new patients must book an initial appointment first. This appointment is longer and more comprehensive than follow-up appointments. 

For my current rates please refer to my booking page – Click her for a link to booking page

Any herbs or supplements will be an additional cost to the appointment. I largely use high quality practitioner supplements but where appropriate I will suggest over-the-counter products.


3. How long will it take for my health to improve?

This depends on each individual. Naturopathic treatment looks at the cause of symptoms rather than just focusing on symptomatic relief. This means that when addressing the cause treatment times can take longer.

Often patients will notice some improvement in their symptoms in the first month and as we continue to work and dig into the causes, tweaking your treatment as we go improvements should continue. If not I may look to refer or test further. 


4. I am taking medication from my GP can you still help me?

I always factor in patients’ medication prescriptions when recommending natural remedies to make sure that there are no interactions. There are so many other aspects that we can work on alongside medication such as diet, sleep, exercise etc that can enhance your quality of life.