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Lost your Mojo?


Never fear your FREE 5 day energizer Boot Camp is here

Fill your tank so that you have loads of energy to keep up with your family & busy life.

Starts Monday 22nd May 2017



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 What will I get when I sign up for the 5 Day Energy Boot Camp?


♥ An energy kick start guide

♥ Tips to help stay on track

♥ Guidance from a registered Naturopath

♥ Access to a private support group

♥ Regular informative emails over the 5 days

How will the Energy Boot Camp help me?


♥ Increase your energy

♥ Become aware of what zaps your energy and what fills your tank.

♥ Improve your concentration

♥ Better quality sleep

♥ Improve eating habits

♥ Reduce bloating

♥ Begin to take control of your life

♥ Feel amazing

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I’m Lydia Dorotich a busy mum and Naturopath. I work from a busy practice that specialises in women’s health.

On top of other issues that women come to see me for,  fatigue and exhaustion are almost always part and parcel of their health picture. An all too common by product of modern living.

Often the reason for tiredness are the simple things that we forget … drinking enough water, eating the right foods, exercise etc. Sometimes there are more complex reasons such as thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances or adrenal exhaustion. 

Often we know what we need to do to feel better. What we need is a kick up the bum and a good dose of common sense to give us the motivation break the cycle of bad habits.

Consider this boot camp your official kick up the bum. With some useful tips and pointers and the support of others to make changes we will get your body the energy it is desperately craving.

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Naturopath – Lydia Dorotich
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Energiser Boot Camp starts Monday 22nd of May

Hit the Register Now button to secure your spot in the boot camp