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Are you confused about what is the best diet for you 



Low Carb?

Have you tried exercising and find that you are not getting the results you were expecting?

Are you are just so overwhelmed with all the information out there and just don’t know what is best for you?

I have great news!

While I personalise health for all clients that I see in my clinic, I find that sometimes we just don’t get the results that I would expect despite my clients best efforts.  I am so excited that I have come across this amazing new platform that personalises people’s health based on an individual’s phenotype and epigenetic profile.

Your phenotype is the way your genes look in action—it’s who you are when you look in the mirror. The color of your hair, texture of your skin, the length of your bones and your height.

Your phenotype is affected by what scientists call epi-genetics (things outside of your genes). Epigenetic factors describe elements that influence the expression of your genes from the outside, such as the environment in which you grew up and the unique stressors you experience. These epigenetic factors can actually change the way your genes express themselves, altering your phenotype—and your resulting Body Profile.

By giving your body what it needs based on your body type you are giving it the fuel and environment it needs to reach it’s greatest potential!

This revolutionary and comprehensive personalised health platform gives you information on what you need to do to optimise your health right now. The information it delivers gives you specifics of:

  • best foods for you and the best times of day to eat
  • most effective exercise regime
  • best sleep schedule
  • ultimate climate
  • An in-depth understanding of your brain at work, socially and in general function.

All this information is available to you online and via an app so that you can easily access it any time.

You will also be coached by registered Naturopath Lydia Dorotich to give you guidance and accountability for the best results.


Getting Started – We will need a 90 minute consult  to take your measurements, complete your questionnaire and set up your profile. At the end of the consult you will have access to your personalised dietary and lifestyle interventions, both through your computer and a supporting phone app.  As you implement your personalised health recommendations and your body measurements and habits begin to change, we can update all of your new data in the platform. These updates will then change your dietary recommendations. It a dynamic platform that will match your health goals and objectives in real time. Want to lose weight, your dietary recommendations will reflect that, want to maintain your goal weight, your dietary recommendation will change to reflect that.

Putting it into practice – The information on the platform is groundbreaking, however, most of us actually need ongoing support to execute the health behaviours that are important to us (even if we know what to do). As a qualified practitioner I can  support you in putting the information into action and give you a greater understanding, help you know your natural tendencies, and then sustainably put it all into practice.

Who can it help?

The information to used to reduce stress and inflammation, and give YOUR body the environment it needs to address many health conditions, fatigue, poor sleep, body fat, digestive issues, foggy brain function, and your health as a whole.

Take out the guesswork. One size does not fit all. Find out what is right for you.

If you want a clear plan, support from a registered Naturopath and membership to meal and exercise plan then book in your initial consultation.