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Parenting360 is the personalised approach to understanding your unique child through an Online and Live training program to help you practically implement solutions that enable your children, your family and you to thrive in a cohesive, understanding and supportive family environment.

Next online training starts:


*Once you purchase your online training you can download the digital workbook and start training straight away.

Facilitators: Amy Shipley – Health Coach & Lydia Dorotich – registered Naturopath

What you will get once you sign up:

  • Digital Workbook: To support your learning you will receive the complete Parenting360 digital workbook with all 7 modules, videos plus exercises. This will all be accessible online once you sign up.
  • 1 x adult ph360 full profile (3 month membership) for a single parent or choose a couple option for adult profiles (see booking button below). Once we know your specific number on the ph360 wheel you will have very accurate information on what body type or combination you are.
  • Body type assessment for all your children (no limit) that will be manually assessed via the science team.
  • Weekly support calls: Learn from Personalised Health professionals in a weekly online call with Amy and Lydia so that you can be kept focussed and get help to work through the module exercises with practical advice for your unique family situation.
  • Weekly calls will be recorded for those who are not able to make the call.
  • Join the online international support group to discover helpful tips, share your experiences and be amongst other parents learning the HealthType lens and who have implemented successful personalisation strategies with their children and family. Find support and inspiration with your new community of like-minded parents.

Listen to Amy Shipley and Dr Cam Mc Donald speak about the parenting 360 course.