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Health Assessment and Treatment Report


  • A 60 minute consultation with registered Naturopath Lydia Dorotich either:
    • in person at 820 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden or
    • via Skype/Phone
  • Comprehensive health questionnaire to complete online
  • Extensive report of findings and individualised treatment plan

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If you are after answers on the best way to improve your health than this option is for you.

Getting an individualized treatment plan from an experienced registered Naturopath cuts out the guesswork and saves you from wasting time and money on unnecessary vitamins, supplements, and protocols.

This assessment will dig deep to look at the underlying cause of your health issues. By addressing and treating the underlying causes of your symptoms you can then make significant long-term changes to the way your body functions. You can start to thrive and not just survive.

This is for you if

  • you have spent hours on Google trying to figure out what is wrong with you
  • your friends have recommended things that worked for them but they do not seem to work for you
  • you have a cupboard full of supplements that haven’t helped
  • you are so confused you don’t know where to start
  • you know what you need to do but you just can’t seem to make yourself take action
  • you have been to your Doctor and all the tests say that there is nothing wrong but you feel awful and know that there is definitely something wrong but just don’t know what
  • you need a common sense approach to feeling better

Whats included

Lydia Dorotich - Registered Naturopath

  •  A link to a health assessment questionnaire will be emailed out to you to complete online
  •  A 1-hour consultation with Registered Naturopath Lydia Dorotich to go over results of your online assessment and cover any other relevant health history
  •  A report of findings and a treatment plan will be outlined. This will include indivdualised options of dietary and lifestyle advice that you can implement yourself along with possible further treatment options.

Whats not included

  • Herbal medicine or supplements may be recommended but are not included in the cost.